How can it be?! 2 months have passed so fast!

I looked at the calendar and realized that summer has come, without me noticing this fact and that means I’m here for 2 months already!


Btw these 2 months of my Swedish life were absolutely amazing. A lot of stuff has happened to me during this short period and now I’m struggling trying to organize all these memories both in my head and in my blog.

Somehow I managed to create this list of the most significant events/impressions/feelings for me, just to remember them later (I’m really bad in long-term memorizing).

So, I’d like to capture in my memory such moments as:

  1. On-arrival training.
    It was the most awaited event for me since my arrival to Sweden. And it was really awesome! I’m so happy to be still in touch with some people from that training. My «red box» team calmed me down somehow, helping to understand that I’m not the only one who’s experiencing same strange feelings and fears. So, «on-arrival» is a really important part of the EVS experience.

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  2. Getting to know Framtidståget team.
    Thanks to these wonderful people I’ve visited Finland and had my first ever ferry trip (and it was just amazing, if you’ve never experienced «Giant-boat traveling» — I highly recommend you to try).
    Few words about Framtidståget (will I get paid for advertising?). It’s another Swedish NGO with other EVS volunteers — that automatically makes them a part of my Swedish family — who conduct numerous events on different topics, including refugees and migrants issues, that I’m always happy to take part in.2018-06-04 14.56.04

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  3. EVS Reunion in Sundsvall.
    Sweden is so rich on beautiful places to see and Sundsvall is one of them, for sure. This trip was completely unplanned and unexpected (well, almost like all other trips in my life…), but it was really fun! I had a possibility not only to see some known faces from my «On-arrival», but also to meet new people from all over the world volunteering and living in Sundsvall. It was also a good chance to see some snow in the mid-may and to destroy completely my sneakers…

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  4. Täby loppis.
    It’s just a paradise for all the second hand lovers. You can find here literally everything you may need (and some strange stuff you surely don’t need but will buy cause «Omg velvet pony!»). I’ve been lookin’ for new sneakers (thanks Sundsvall!), but got a pillow instead. Well, nice pillow for 10 SEK, so why not?

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  5. Sunsets.
    I love sunsets everywhere, regardless of country or city, but Swedish ones are really special.

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    For sure, I have a lot more to share within my 2 months in Sweden, but for now these «other» feelings and moments are too raw to express them clearly, so I’ll do it later during the summer period (if I will not be lazy).


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