Museums in Sweden, Sweden in the museums

My 3 months in Sweden were rich in new places, emotions, and of course museums!

And now I’m telling not only about Stockholm (but mostly about it, lol), but also about other Swedish cities that I was lucky to visit – Sundsvall and Göteborg.

So, let’s start my short touristic guide for Swedish newcomers interested in museum culture.

1) Moderna museet (Modern Art Museum). Stockholm.

Highly recommended for all the contemporary art lovers. You can find works of Dali, Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Malevich, Warhol and many more here. An indisputable advantage of “Moderna” is that the permission to the permanent exhibition is completely FREE (and it’s really rare for Sweden)! There are also reading points with numerous art books so, you can use this place just like the library. It was the first Swedish museum that I visited, but now I can tell that it’s one of my favourite.

My personal impression 9/10

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2) The Swedish History Museum. Stockholm.

It’s a big museum that completely corresponds to its name. Usually, I’m not a fan of history museums, but this one was quite interesting — especially because of numerous «you-can-try-it» stuff. This interactive part makes this museum more vivid, I would say. And before going here you need to keep in mind the fact that 3 hours are not enough to discover every corner of the building cause it’s quite huge.

My personal impression 7/10 (just because I’m not into history museums)

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3) The Army Museum. Stockholm.

As I told, I’m not a fan of history museums, and especially army museums! However, this one really surprised me. I would never have discovered it, if a friend of mine hadn’t advised me. I really liked it cause it’s not boring at all, vice versa, you can find a lot of realistic installations, once again «you-can-try-it» stuff, and of course, numerous weapons. I’d suggest it for all the haters of such kind of museums — you’ll like it (or not).

My personal impression 8/10

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4) Sundsvalls museum. Sundsvall.

A tiny good museum in the good city with good people 🙂
I suggest you this museum just like one of the purposes to visit Sundsvall — cause it’s worth it.
Talking about the museum itself, it’s not big, but located in the city center in an old and beautiful building. There are always some temporary exhibitions of modern artists as well as some permanent ones — both historically and art oriented.

My personal impression 7/10

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5) Vasa museum. Stockholm.

What is Vasa? Vasa is a ship. What this museum is about? It’s about a ship. Right, just one huge ship… Well, more precisely, I’d say, it’s a museum about and around the biggest Swedish fuckup and you surely should visit it in order to discover the full story. Swedes know how to make history interesting and captivating and this tremendous wooden creature helps them even more. The museum is not free (it costs something about 120 SEK), but absolutely worth it.

My personal impression 8/10

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6) Tekniska museet (Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology). Stockholm.

It’s a heaven for children cause the synonym to this museums’ name is fun! And for adults as well — cause you don’t even notice how you come back to your childhood again.

I’ve not many photos of it, but not because it’s small or there is nothing to take pictures of — but because there are so much cool/fun/interesting/gaming stuff that you don’t really have time to take pictures of. You just want to try everything and to follow your inner child. Totally recommend.

My personal impression 10/10

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7) Gothenburg Museum of Art. Gothenburg.

Yes! Yes! Yes! You need to see it. Totally recommend. I’m in love with this museum (maybe because of its temporary exhibition that I was lucky to see), but the permanent one is also splendid. If you are in Gothenburg — you should visit it for sure!

My personal impression 10/10

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8) Fotografiska. Stockholm.

It’s a centre for contemporary photography. It’s not free. It’s expensive. It’s worth it. Just take a look on some of my not really good pictures of really good pictures.

My personal impression 10/10

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I think, I did a great job (at least, I tried) and now you know a bit more about Swedish museums even if not — you already read this for some reason. Thanks.

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